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Handrail banister for stairs

We have a large range of handrail banisters for stairs. We have handrail banisters with vertical balusters, horizontal rails designed for modern homes and other handrail banisters in wood for classic home style. Our banisters can fit many types of staircases. They are easy install for Do-it-yourself with detailed mounting instructions. 


All handrail banister

Handrail banister for 2nd side of staircase

You might need a supplementary handrail banister to enhance both safety and convenience e.g., if the external side of the stair is distant from the wall. This 2nd side handrail banister can be purchased separately, it is mainly named after the stair. Here to the right hand, you have our modern staircase BIAX with 2 handrail banisters. One handrail banister is always included in the staircase – while the other must by bought separately here.

2nd side handrail banister

Wooden handrail banister

Wooden balustrades are often known as traditional banisters, providing a home with a classic and cosy feeling. We offer wooden handrail banisters for your stairs - many types of styles.

Wooden handrail banister ideas

Winder stairs handrail banister

Banister for winder stairways. For some of our staircases we offer a banister to the outside of a winder stair. It is used as protection if the external side of the quarter turn staircase is distant to the wall. This external railing for winder stairs can be purchased separately. The external banister is named after the staircase that it fit. Like the picture here is for EUREKA staircase winder treads.

Winder stair handrail banister

Balustrades for upper level.

We also offer are large assortment of landing banisters that fit stairs - for stairs with an open concept, upper floor or landing, where the upper floor is functionally a balcony. These special designed indoor landing banisters combined wood and metal in different colours.

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Wall-mounted Handrails

Our handrail is designed to add safety and to give a stylish look to your home! Our handrails are in kit - Ideal for stairways and long hallways both indoors and outdoors. The handrail kits from SOGEM are quick and easy to install and a real fast way to make it safe. 
The handrails are modern and have an elegant shape in outstanding quality and superb details. Our handrails fit our balustrade systems so you can keep the same lines, colour, and material as for your decking balustrade system.


HARMONY handrail kit

The stainless steel wall handrail kit consists of 1 handrail in 2 or 3 meter, wall brackets, end caps, 1 extension for handrail. For indoors and outdoors use.

Alu wall-mounted handrail

A good reason for using aluminium is that aluminium is long-lasting and very durable in extreme conditions. Aluminium has a very high strength and weather-resistant.

Aluminium wall handrail 

Wall Handrail kit PURE Titanium is an elegantly designed handrail that improves safety on your way up and down stairs. Wall handrail provides comfortable grip.

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