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3D paneling


With paneling it is possible to create an exclusive and gorgeous expression in your home or office environment. In addition to the aesthetics, the oak or beech mouldings have a sound-absorbing effect and thus improve the acoustics, the panels have a sound-absorbing effect. Refresh your walls and give it all a design with SOGEM 3D paneling in raw beech or raw oak.  


Top quality oak and beech paneling


The paneling with exclusive 3D effect is 100 cm long and 20 cm height. Each meter has a thickness up to 3 cm that variate to give the 3D effect.


Floating joints


The panels come separately, thereby you can make floating joints, which especially on large surfaces give a unique and overall impression.


Paneling - Type of wood


Northern White fir paneling

Decorative treatment of your walls with these fir panels. They can be mounted both vertical and horizontal in your rooms. Width 9 cm.

Northern Raw Wood Panel

Create a real cosy atmosphere with this solid wood panel  in northern raw style. The covering is for walls and ceilings. Width is 13 cm.

White fir paneling - North Wax

Gorgeous wooden wall panel in white fir. Very good design idea for modern home with focus on cosiness and interior. Covering for wall and ceiling width 13 cm.

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