Oak shelves, wood quality rustic (B/C) 32 mm

Robustness and elegance

Oak shelves in wood quality B/C. Robust and elegant, they can be used to create furniture, window sills, table tops, wall shelves, etc. Thickness: 32 mm. See the different sizes in the dropdown below.

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Oak shelves in good quality

Wood has a timeless and welcoming natural rustic beauty, which makes it an ideal choice for home styling. Whether you want to make a wall shelf, a window sill or give a nice finish to a table top, for example, shelves are an indispensable material. Available in 4 different widths, your imagination is the only limit to your creations. The shelves are made easy for the Do-it-yourself handymen. The wood quality on our shelves are in high quality. The shelves are assembled by finger-jointed lengthwise and gluing widthwise. With a length of 200 cm, they can easily be cut to size and are available in 4 different widths. Made of laminated oak, they can be varnished or oiled.

Glued laminated oak shelves in width and finger-jointed in length. Available in 2 different lengths and 2 different widths to help you realise your many customised joinery projects. To be varnished and/or oiled to increase their resistance.

strong>Thickness: 32mm

Length: 120cm / 230 cm

Width: 25 cm / 45 cm (for both available lengths)

Quality: B/C

Weight: 6.75 kg (120 x 25 cm), 12.15 kg (120 x 45 cm), 12.98 kg (230 x 25 cm) and 23.33 kg (230 x 45 cm)

We also offer the oak shelf 20 mm thickness in same sizes.


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