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SYDNEY Staircase in sleek and sturdy design

Pick type of wood for treads and handrail - 3 options

Our treads and handrails are made of top-quality FSC®-certified wood from Europe.

Configure stair

Handrail banister types

SYDNEY has got 5 different handrail banister options - you pick handrail banister variant when you configurate it.


Handrail banister completely in aluminium. Post and horizontal filling have got same drop shaped design as the centre construction of SYDNEY staircase.


The DESIGN handrail banister has open clamping posts and horizontal running stainless steel tubes of Ø10 mm. End caps on handrail are also kept in stainless steel. Handrail same wood type as treads.


Handrail banister with 5 horizontal Ø6 mm stainless steel fillings and round posts. Round handrail same wood type as treads. Also, here matching landing banister is available.


Handrail banister CLASSIC 2 has got 2 vertical balusters per tread. Very classic and clean banister for your stair. Handrail is following the wood type you pick for your treads.


CLASSIC 3 handrail banister has got 3 vertical balusters per tread of SYDNEY. A classic railing for your staircase. The handrail is same wood type as treads.

Staircase with LED light

SYDNEY impress with a continuous centre construction and integrated LED lighting (additional buy). The staircase combines utility and unique design by becoming an additional source of lighting at the same time. The dimmable LED provide a pleasant, warm, and indirect light in the room which you can adapt to the atmosphere of the moment. Wireless remote incl. If you need extra wireless Remote you buy it here e.g., if you want to have one for upstairs as well as downstairs.

Quarter turn staircase

The straight stringer and wide treads make SYDNEY an impressive and aesthetic design element in the living room. The quarter turn staircase is simple, very stable and fit the minimalistic design with only 2 winder treads at the bottom of the staircase.

Enjoy the comfort of this amazing stair combining high quality and great functionality that allows you to adjust the staircase according to your room. Available in 3 different colours of structure: anthracite, black and white.

Unique shape and design - spatial sculpture

Adjustable staircase with drop shape stringer

The SYDNEY Staircase is very elegant with drop shaped design of the centre construction. It provides a stunning harmonious and strong staircase with a unique modern impression and superb details. The SOGEM SYDNEY staircase with PURE banister is an elegant combination thanks to the PURE handrail banister which presents the same drop shaped designed posts and fillings as the centre construction.

Floating staircase with atmospheric LED lighting

SYDNEY is an unique and innovative staircase with optional integrated LED lighting in the centre construction. When choosing the LED light, you opt for an additional source of lighting. The dimmable staircase lights provide a pleasant, warm, and indirect light in the room which you can adapt to the atmosphere of the moment.

Modularity of the central stringer

SYDNEY staircase is an impressive and aesthetic design element in the living room. Its functionality allows you to adjust the staircase angle according to your room. This means you can choose to install the SYDNEY stair either with a lower rise height for a very comfortable staircase or with a higher rise for a steeper and more space saving staircase solution. This amazing stair combines high quality, design, and great functionality.


See all measurements for the SYDNEY stair in the dimension file

18.5 - 22 cm

Floor-to-floor height
222 - 315 cm

Staircase width
75 - 89 cm

Number of treads
11 - 13 treads

18.5 - 22.5 cm

LED light

By using our LED light system, the stunning result is guaranteed. The quality of our LED light is very high (300 LED/meter) and provides warm and even light from top to the bottom of the staircase so you will achieve elegant lightning in your stairway. Warm white light 3000 K. CE. It is easy to integrate and mount yourselves by following our instructions. It is possible to integrate the LED lightning without any visible cords (especially for new build houses) if there is a cord outlet at the top of the stair. Read more here about the LED-light.

Riser bars and handrail banister

To enhance safety, you can install riser bars under the treads to reduce space between treads to protect children from falling. The riser bars are very easy to install and can be added after the staircase is fully installed. They are available in colours matching the SYDNEY staircase, so just select the colour in the drop-down menu. Also a second handrail banister can be added according to you need to enhance both safety and convenience. Select the colour and handrail material that matches your staircase. By default, the SYDNEY staircase is delivered with a one-side handrail banister.

Treads from FSC®-certified forest

Warm, natural soft feel of oiled woods - these are SYDNEY treads. They come in 2 sizes 75 cm and 85 cm. Our treads and handrails are made of solid top-quality FSC®-certified wood sealed with oil. SYDNEY staircase offers 3 types of treads: oiled beech, natural oiled oak, and white oiled oak. Oil is an excellent protection for wood against water and stains. The oil is absorbed into the wood and creates a smooth and almost silky surface where you can see and feel the structure of wood.

Matching landing banister

For the staircase SYDNEY we offer landing banisters matching the different handrail banisters. Landing banister SYDNEY in contemporary look designed for modern stairways : DESIGN, PURE and STYLE 6 with vertical balusters and horizontal rails. For a classic look combination of exclusive wood handrails and steel balusters : CLASSIC 2 and 3. Our balcony balustrades and landing banisters are designed specific easy to mount for Do-it-yourself. Detailed mounting instructions and video instructions are available.