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DUBAI Contemporary staircase revolution 

Pick type of wood for treads and handrail - 3 options

Our treads and handrails are made of top-quality FSC®-certified solid wood.

Configure staircase

Banister types

The DUBAI staircase has got 2 banister options (select stair banister when you configurate):

  • DESIGN – horizontal fillings Ø10 mm
  • CLASSIC 3 - 3 vertical balusters per tread 
  • CLASSIC 4 - 4 vertical balusters per tread


To add extra security, you can select Classic 4 stair banister. Check according to local building regulation.
Riser bars and 2nd handrail banister DESIGN, CLASSIC 3, CLASSIC 4 are available in colours and wood matching the staircase.

Get a uniform look for the entire hallway, staircase, and landing. DUBAI is a modern staircase perfect for open-plan lay-outs so see the matching landing banisters for DUBAI Design and DUBAI Classic.


See all measurements for the staircase in your home here Dimensions

Going - top mobility

22-27 cm

Max. floor-to-floor height

357 cm

Staircase width

80 - 94 cm

Numbers of treads

11 - 16 treads


17 - 21 cm

Configure stair

Affordable main staircases customisable to any stairway.

DUBAI is a revolutionary indoor main staircase that complies with building regulations. Get the uniform look in the entire hallway, staircase, and landing. The DUBAI is a modern staircase also perfect in open-plan lay-outs.  


Unique mobility from SOGEM

Unique innovative construction with top flexibility and allows you to have the same rise in any configuration and adjust the layout to fit the dimensions of the room. The support post can be mounted to the wall or the floor according to your need. This makes the staircase safe and easy to buy because the flexibility makes the staircase fit every stairway. Also, the modular construction and design secure easy installation. 

Let treads and handrail match characterful flooring

Pick your wood type for your staircase. The DUBAI staircase has got wide and deep treads in beautiful, oiled oak or beech after your choice. Our treads and handrails are made of high-quality FSC®-certified wood and sealed with oil that highlight the aesthetic qualities of the wood and ensure an excellent, natural finish. Enjoy the warm, soft feel of high-quality wood on treads and handrail. Our Scandinavian-inspired staircases mixing materials of wood and metal in trendy colours: White, black, anthracite and pearl grey with a semi-gloss finish.

Innovative staircase construction - Customisable to your stairway

Create a unique sculpted impression by adapting the staircase format to the needs and constraints of the stairway. Customise your staircase as a straight flight, quarter-turn, or half-turn. DUBAI is a revolutionary indoor main staircase complying to building regulations in most countries. It is a budget friendly alternative to a custom made staircase with comparable dimension and comfort.