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SOGEM FIRE PRO REI45 tailormade loft ladder has a fire-resistance of 45 minutes and complies with EN 13501-2. The trapdoor is insulated with 50 mm rockwool plate, which is made of non-combustible, moisture and water-repellent Rockwool stone wool. The trapdoor has a nice finish in white HDF plate with hidden hinges and has high quality lock

The loft ladder is made in a solid quality of pine with 12 non-slip beech treads with black non-slip plastic feet to protect the flooring. The casing as well as length and width can vary acccoding to your need. The made to measure loft ladder comes with sealing strips to prevent heat loss. The wooden ladder is easy to operate, high quality, stable and easy to use.

It’s important that a house is built so that the structure is protected for a short time in the case of a fire. Therefore, the building regulations set several requirements regarding the fire resistance on constructions parts in a building or house. This includes a standard for loft ladders. Therefore, we test our fire-resistant loft ladder program according to the highest demands in Europe and they comply to EN 13501-2. SOGEM FIRE PRO REI45 has a fire resistance of 45 minutes.

A fire-resistant loft ladder is tested in a fire test where the loft ladder is built into a fire chamber and exposed to a real-life fire situation. SOGEM's fire-resistant loft ladders have been tested according to the new common European method for testing fire resistance for building parts REI. The fire-resistant loft ladder from SOGEM FIRE PRO REI45 has been tested at MPA Braunschweig institute in Germany.

The fire-resistant loft ladder made-to-measure can be constructed in all sizes according to data below.


Outside casing 47,6 - 77,6 × 109,5 - 157,5 cm*
Opening size 50 - 80 × 112 - 160 cm**
Floor-to-ceiling height 218 - 336 cm***
Casing height 19,1 - 80 cm****
Type 3 part ladder
Testet u-value 0,96 W/(m2K)
Insulation 50 mm Rockwool plate
Fireproff REI 45, EN 13501-2
Max. load 150 kg, EN 14975
Airtight Class 4, EN 12207

*Outside casing max: 1,067 m2.
** Opening size max: 1,125 m2.
***13 treads ladder can be used with a ceiling height max. 305 cm, 14 treads ladder can be used with a ceiling height of max. 336 cm. In both cases casing length min. 137,5 cm.
**** Casing height min. 37 cm high in connection with flat roof exit.

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