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Fire-resistant vario loft ladder for high ceilings up to 422 cm

SOGEM REI 60 VARIO (standard model) has a concertina ladder made of aluminum profiles that can be ordered with 9 treads. If you need to go higher, we offer this tailormade REI 60 VARIO. Here the loft ladder casing can be made to your measurements and with additional aluminium VARIO treads from 10-14 treads. With 14 treads you can reach a maximum ceiling height of 422 cm, which can be very helpful in many places like office building, public buildings, and stores, where you typically have much higher ceiling height. The treads are 11 cm deep. The anti-slip treads offer a safe and comfortable access. The concertina ladder can easily be extended and pushed together.



This SOGEM REI 60 VARIO TAILORMADE has got a 76 mm thick trapdoor and is insulated with 70 mm rockwool plate, which is made of non-combustible, moisture and water-repellent Rockwool stone wool. This insulation not only withstand fire for 60 minutes, it also keeps heat in the living area. 



The new European fire requirements are described from the loft ladders:
R (resistance) carrying capacity during fire.
E (integrity) ability to keep flames and gases out.
I (insulation) ability to keep heat out.
After the classification, the time for which the loft ladder can withstand fire is indicated by the REI 60 VARIO that the fire-resistant loft ladders are fireproof for 60 minutes.


  • Loft ladder that can reach a maximum ceiling height of 422 cm.
  • Low U-value of 0.94 W / m² · K.
  • Comfortable concertina ladder can easily be extended and pushed together.
  • Telescopic VARIO handrail is available for security and comfort.
  • Fire-resistant loft ladders - fireproof for 60 minutes. European classified EN 13501-2.
  • EN 1363-1:2020 Fire resistance tests – General requirements.
  • EN 1365-2:2014 Fire resistance tests for loadbearing elements - Part 2 Floors and roofs.


Product number 1029500 Tailormade
Outside casing 57.6-77.5 cm x 87.5-157.5 cm*
Opening size 60-80 x 90-160 cm
Floor-to-ceiling height 244.2-422.2 cm**
9 treads (short standard frame) 244.2 to 272.8 cm
10 treads 272.8 to 302.7 cm
11 treads 302.8 to 332.6 cm
12 treads 332.7 to 362.5 cm
13 treads 362.6 to 392.3 cm
14 treads 392.4 to 422.2 cm
Casing height 19 cm – 80 cm***
Tested u-value 0.94 W/(m2K)
Insulation 70 mm Rockwool plate
Maximum load 150 kg, EN 14975
Air tightness Class 4, EN 12207
Possible to be prepared for cylinder lock  

*  Outside casing measurements.
** Casing length: 87.5 to 107.4 only 9 treads - ceiling height 244.2 to 272.8 cm
**Casing length: 107.5 to 157.5 – 9 to 14 treads - ceiling height 244.2 to 422.2 cm
 ***If casing length: 87.5 to 107.4 AND you add handrail then maximum casing height is 50 cm.

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